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Lindy’s professional and accessible advice was invaluable at allowing our organization to envision and develop a sustainable and adaptable business plan.  Her realistic and positive attitude helped us move our mindset from looking at challenges that initially appeared insurmountable to seeing opportunities, leading to our operations becoming stronger and more efficient, and we feel it will allow us to adapt well to an uncertain future.

Lisa Fleming, ED
Ptarmigan Arts



Connecting clients with informed analysis, strategies, planning skills,  management tools and excellence in programming from a place of

joy-based leadership, Lindy works with you to find the clarity needed to create impactful results from the essences and outcomes you are working hard to create.

Quote for services provided following Free 30 min consultation.


Book a 30-minute FREE call with Lindy to help determine which services or coaching
you wish to pursue together.

Multiple Scenario Analysis Speed Date

Need some help thinking outside of the box or looking at the big picture? Bring on as many scenarios that you are dealing with to tackle in the time you’ve booked, and we’ll triage and strategize together. Sometimes finding an objective and experienced ear can
help you to shift or open your thinking to problem solve from a different perspective and find the solutions you seek.

Strategic Planning with a Twist

Dig deeper into your organizations' purpose and uncover the Essence of the outcomes you are trying to achieve. By becoming an ESSENCE DRIVEN ORGANIZATION you open up your Strategic thinking and planning to the next level of impact and success.

Essence Driven Organizations 

​Lindy’s Strategic Planning with a Twist uses Essence facilitation techniques to ensure arts organizations understand their core essences, their benefit to society, and how authentic delivery ensures your patrons and participants experiences become Essential
to them. In this custom-built process, taking your Vision, Mission, Values and the main elements of your current Strategic Plan we uncover their core essences to develop your
next strategic roadmap.
Your team will also learn the process of Essence Based Decision Making and how to cultivate inspired responses rather than restrictive reactions. Dig below your Vision and
Mission to drill down to the underlying Essence you want to create for authentic interactions and communications in your organization.

Discover the impact of Defined Essence Goals, find clarity, and transform group decisions, meetings, projects, working relationships and more.

Grant Coaching & Editing


Need assistance formulating your artistic idea to fit the boxes of grant applications and write your own clear dynamic proposal? Learn from a successful grant writer who knows the tricks to edit your grant for purpose and clarity. To ensure your project application doesn’t only make sense to you or jump over key elements juries need to know - grant writing guidance is beneficial for both first time grant writers and those who have written too many and can’t see what’s missing - to give you the edge you need for success.

Mentorship & Coaching


You’re the Leader of your organization or department or the band! YOU have the Power – Now how do you use it? Pressure cooker jobs, where leaders are squeezed between things like scarce funding and mounting deadlines plus a myriad of other toxic HR or Governance challenges, can bring out the “challenged leader” rather than the “motivational leader” in you. It’s important to question how your management style is supporting your team and affecting problem solving and positive outcomes? Trusting and empowering your staff can be challenging, but without doing so - motivation can be
lacking. Inform YOUR VISION by becoming inclusive of the knowledge and ideas you are surrounded with, create buy-in and work towards your goals together.


Coaching calls will focus on how you can foster joy-based leadership and create a workplace everyone thrives in. My goal as your coach is to not only help you bring your vision into reality, but to motivate everyone you work with to create team, trust, and triumph!

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