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Shadow on Red Wall


Considered a significant mentor by many artists and staff, Lindy is now turning her creative powers to focus on the core of what enables individual’s and teams success, to work well together and manifest their vision. 

An experienced ally working with you to identify actions and strategies to increase your impact, effectiveness and job satisfaction. 



 Lindy Sisson's 35 years of Arts Executive experience in all disciplines, demonstrates significant joy-based leadership, management excellence, award-winning artistic programming and effective community engagement. The extensive experience she shares is designed to shift you out of stuck into empowered momentum, leveraging pivotal moments into opportunities for authentic engagement, dynamic growth and meaningful success

Lindy’s skill set can provide facilitation, consulting and mentoring for a broad scope of professionals or organizations who are open to inspirational solutions, change and growth - from Arts Organizations and Non-Profit Boards, to Environmental Groups & Small Businesses.


A big picture thinker who knows how to bring the artistic vision and ideas of her organizations’ and others (artists, staff or community) to life!


Lindy's approach to her work and life has its basis in Joy, Celebration  and Authenticity.

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