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Get in the Groove with dancer Lindy Sisson and feel the flow of Essential Lifeforce Energy moving up and down, connecting and activating your Chakra centres.Awaken your body, get out the kinks and find your Groove Flow!




Find and feel your inner radiance by activating the life force energy flowing through your physical energetic systems with Chakra Groove Flow! This class is for dancers and non-dancers needing more movement in their lives. Physical stuck-ness can lead to emotional or creative stuck-ness.  Increasing energy flow through your body - increases energy flow in all aspects of your life and can be a game changer in these restrictive times. Chakra Groove Flow is a fun healing practice for wellbeing that enlivens and aligns your energy to create increased flow and function in the mind, body and spirit!


This hour-long hybrid exercise/movement class includes:

  • Warming up the body and energizing each Chakra centre while learning their shadow sides and talents

  •  Getting your groove on to funky music

  • Guided and free movement designed to unblock held energy (stress)

  •  Awakening the body through stretching and strengthening

  •  Flowing your kundalini energy up though your Chakras, creating a channel of energy increasing your joy factor!

Class Available for bookings at Events, customizable length and locations indoor and outdoor.  Contact for latest information on online or in person classes.


Based on Chakra Groove Flow techniques, book a fun Dance Break with Lindy customized for your team or meeting needs. As little as a five-to-ten-minute movement break can uplift everyone’s spirits and physical wellbeing. After nine months or more of on-line virtual meetings, change things up, take a joy-based leadership attitude and introduce something completely
different that will make a huge difference in your teams’ day! Dance like no one is watching with your camera off or get down with your colleagues in this stress relieving life affirming team building activity.

Zumba Dance Class

Here's what the survey of Chakra Groove Flow participants shared

about their experience doing the class:

- Chakra Groove flow lifts my spirits. The physical practice is intentional at all levels, healing
my mind, body and soul.
- It's joyous, grounding, rejuvenating and uplifting!
- Makes me feel happy, fulfilled, ready to go!
- Afterwards my tension is gone, I feel relaxed and ready to be creative
- It helps me get energized for my day
- I feel engaged, healthier and am seeing small improvements in my movement.
- Lindy is a great instructor. She keeps her class very casual and informative.
- Love the variety and the music, a very balanced program

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