Want to create Magic in your Life and find clarity and a link to your power?
Using Laura Lavigne’s “Magic of Essence” modality, you will gain crystal clarity on your “Core Essences” and then learn how to incorporate the magic into your life for a heightened sense of joy, purpose and vitality.




"After recently experiencing a major life change, the Essence Workshop helped me discover what is truly important to me moving forward. I would recommend it to anyone dreaming of change in your life."

Lynda Baker


The Magic of Essence

– taught for individuals in a group

“Magic of Essence is a simple yet potent tool for living a deeply satisfying and joyful life.


In this intensive, content-packed workshop, you will learn how to speak “the language of Essence”. This simple yet very powerful tool will allow you to raise your levels of Authenticity, Joy and Power, re-discover your true self and invite Magic into both your personal and professional life. Get ready to be inspired and to walk away with simple yet powerful new techniques, which you will be able to apply right away.

  • discover a new modality and language that speaks to authenticity

  • distinguish between Essence (feeling) & Form (things) and declare the Essences you desire

  • learn to recognize and apply your Core Essences

Essence Driven Organizations 

– group workshop

Building on the main Magic of Essence work, this workshop is custom built to fit your organization.  After learning the basics, we take your Vision, Mission, Values and the main elements of your Strategic Plan and uncover their Core Essences. Discover the impact of Defined Essence Goals, find clarity and transform group decisions, meetings, projects, working relationships and more.

 Lindy’s Strategic Planning with a Twist uses Essence Facilitation to ensure arts organizations understand their Core Essences, their benefit to society, and how authentic delivery ensures your patrons experience becomes Essential to them.


Essence Based Decision Making 

-  individual Facilitating

Learn how to cultivate inspired responses rather than restrictive reactions. Dig below your Vision and Mission to drill down to the underlying Essence you want to create for authentic interactions and communications in your organization. Discover the Impact of Defined Essence Goals and Transform meetings, projects, and working relationships.



Lindy on “Why book this Workshop”

“I’ve read many books, seen various presentations on intention and manifesting, however none have provided as direct and simple a way as the practice of Magic of Essence - which brings the Essence of what you want into your life or organization right away. We get obsessed with the things or forms we think we want, rather than how we want ourselves or others to feel. As outcome oriented entities, we get attached to particular forms without thought for their actual effect. Magic of Essence shifts us in a new direction where you start doing what makes your heart happy for the right reasons and moves your organizations to work on a new level.


Trained by Laura Lavigne in her Magic of Essence Course Lindy has become an official Essence Facilitator ™ in order to help shine a light on individual's and Organization’s Core Essences - how to find, communicate and live by them. 

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